Energy Healing

Live & Distance Energy Treatments

Align your body, Soul and Mind for optimal holistic Wellbeing, Success & creativity

Live Chakra Alignment

We meet on Zoom and I will balance your Chakras using traditional Reiki techniques
$ 35
  • Online Via Zoom
  • Tingles Guaranteed

Reiki Express Treatment

I will perform an Emergency Distance Reiki Treatment on you within 24 hours
$ 10
  • Express Treatment for Immediate Relief
  • Performed within 12 hours
live reiki treatment via zoom

1 hour Reiki Session (Live)

Live via Zoom I will perform a relaxing and healing traditional Usui Reiki treatment on you using Crystals and Essential Oils to promote alignment for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Clearing Abundance Blocks (Live)

Live via Zoom I will be working to clear any blocks and obstacles that have manifested within your body, mind and soul throughout this and past lifetimes and are hindering you to live life to your full potential.

Cord Cutting & break Up Healing (Live)

Break-ups are hard, even more if you were involved in a karmic or soulmate relationship. In this live session via Zoom, I will help you release attachment by cutting cords so you can start healing and move forward.

distance reiki healing

7 day Reiki Treatment (Distance)

In this Distance Reiki Treatment I will send you healing energy each day for seven days, without us having to meet physically or via Zoom. Included in this treatment is an audio meditation you can listen to, to continue self healing after the seven days.

clearing abundance blocks

Clearing Abundance Blocks (distance)

In this distance abundance block treatment, I will be working on clearing your abundance blocks for seven days via distance without us having to meet.Included in this treatment is an audio meditation you can listen to, to continue clearing blocks whenever you feel necessary.

shaman oracle email reading

Cord Cutting & break Up Healing (distance)

If you are suffering heartbreak and do not feel ready to meet via Zoom, this distance cord cutting and break up healing session can be very useful. I can effectively cut the cord between you and your previous relationship and send you healing energy via distance,

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