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Reiki Master Bundle Course

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Promoting the Gift of reiki energy healing

Reiki Affiliate Program
promote the online Reiki Master Bundle Course

You will receive 30% revenue for each referral

Enroll as a Reiki Master Bundle affiliate and earn USD 14.85 for each Referral that signs up to the course! See below for possible earnings. The Reiki Master Bundle contains Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master certification, as well as the very popular Business course and includes a free combined Group attunement.

The course costs just $49.50 and is the most competitive Reiki Course in the market, so it is an easy sell.

See below for possible earnings as well as collateral to promote the course on your social media platform or through your network.

By the Way

I am leaving just a quick note here for all that are against making it easy to spread the gift of Reiki Energy Healing. Reiki, as the universal life force, flows through all of us. It is a matter of understanding its power, tuning in, connecting, experiencing, practising and finding our own unique way of working with all that is, that will make a difference to the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and our society. Reiki is here for all of Us.

See your Potential Reiki Affiliate Program income here

You refer 10 people

you receive
$ 148
50 Month
  • based on monthly sales
You refer 100 People
you receive
$ 1485
  • based on monthly sales

you refer 1000 people

you receive
$ 14850
  • based on monthly sales

Do you want to Experience what you are Promoting?

Please note the free Reiki Level 1 course is just for your  reference. You can sign up and make yourself comfortable with the quality of Blissful Careers Courses. There is no referral fee for having people sign up for the free basic course.

This is the course that you will be promoting and that you will be earning referrals for. It entails the syllabus for Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level , as well as a combined group attunement & the very popular Reiki Business course.

How do I Promote via the Reiki Affiliate Program?

Just Sign Up to the Reiki Affiliate Programme below and you will be given a unique tracking link which you can use to promote the course. You will get a dashboard to see all your sales and earnings, and you can set your own payment method to receive the funds you earned.

It is explained in detail once you sign up here:

Promotional Content

You can use the below collateral for promoting the course or you can create your own.
Always make sure though to use your own affiliate link, so we can pay you for all referrals.

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