Shamanic Journeying Meditation

The path of direct Relevation

Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole.

Let me guide you on this shamanic journeying meditation to help access the information and energy that you need to help awaken you and restore yourself to wholeness. This session is fully guided by me and no previous experience is needed.

What is Shamanic Journeying

A Shamanic journeying meditation is an ancient practice of connecting with your spirit to unlock the strength within yourself. With this powerful technique, you can delve deep into a trance-like state and discover new aspects of your being. 

The practice of journeying can be used by anyone in order to get answers to meet their spirit guides, spirit animals and get answers to personal questions and inspiration and motivation for their personal journey.


How to prepare for Shamanic Journeying

Prepare yourself for your shamanic journey. Before beginning your journeying meditation, it is important to set the intention for your practice and create a sacred space. Take time to center yourself in the moment by focusing on your breath. Ground yourself by making contact with your environment, connect with the earth and all its elements. Visualize a safe, protective cocoon around you while clearing any negative energy or thoughts. Once you have found a state of inner peace, you are ready to begin your shamanic journey!

The Shamanic Journeying Process

Tap into your highest shamanic powers. After you have settled in and feel connected to your sacred space, it is time to tap into the highest power within. Connect to the source of all that is within the universe, which facilitates a higher realm of energy and spiritual wisdom. Shamanic journeying encourages us to go beyond our ordinary reality and dive deeper into ourselves. Engage with this process as an explorer, an intuitive traveler by drifting off through space and time.

Regularly practice shamanic journeying meditations to maintain your spiritual connection. To maintain your spiritual connection, it’s important to practice shamanic journeying meditations regularly. Not only will doing so help keep you centered and focused, but it can also help build resilience and inner strength as life’s curveballs throw you off balance. Although the practice may take some time to become comfortable with, honoring yourself with a consistent practice can have a profoundly positive impact on the way you navigate this journey called “life”.

Connect with a mentor or teacher in the shamanic healing arts to deepen your journey even further. Having a teacher or mentor who can help you drift into the depths of your spirit-self can be a valuable resource as you continue your learning and development in shamanic journeying. They can provide insight, guidance, and feedback, enabling you to go deeper in your journey and reach further into the mysteries of life. Connecting with someone experienced in the shamanic arts may be just what’s needed to set yourself on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.


Shamanic Journeys

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I look forward to meeting you at my meditation and healing circle.

Sending light, love and many blessings

Namaste Sunny

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