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For Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to build a Coaching career centered on Inner truth, passion and purpose

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what is this Soul Coach Certification All about?

The Soul Coach Certification is a group program designed to give you the tools and resources you need to build your soul coaching purpose driven business, all the while we work together to heal and improve our spiritual holistic wellbeing.  The program includes a monthly circle with powerful energy healings and guided meditations, weekly group coaching sessions, monthly astrological guidance. A personal goal plan, various webinars and masterclasses on new modalities and business advice, a community will help you learn all you need to now how to become a successful soul coach. Join a community of like wise spiritual entrepreneurs, access to a vault of resources and downloads for your business and the transformative soulbusiness coaching course. You can see all the detailed benefits below. Secure your space today.

Soul Coaching Certification

Get certified as a Soul Coach with this transformative course which includes many tools, practices and templates for your Coaching Business

Personal Goal plan

I will work with you on your personal goal plan and provide you with accountability and support throghout the program to see you succeed

Weekly Group Coaching

We will meet once a week on a video call to discuss business topics, share ideas and strategies and to connect on a more personal level.

Monthly Healing Circle

Once a month around the full moon we will meet for a powerful group healing session. This is an also opportunity to share your offerings with the group.

Resources & Downloads

You will get access to my vault of resources and downloads to rebrand and utilize in your business. From business worksheets to branding and social media templates, its all there.

Soul Based Community

The Soul based community in this coaching program will motivate and to support you to succeed. Let's make friends for live with likeminded people around the world.


Pre-registration Open

Soul Coach Bonuses

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Monthly Energy Clearing

Get a complimentary energy clearing every month, to ensure your chakras and aura is set up for optimal wellbeing and abundance

Ayurvedic LifestylePlan & Dosha Assessment

Receive lifestyle recommendations including rituals and recipes to promote maximum wellbeing based on your specific ayurvedic constitution.

The Next Program Starts Summer 2024

Many thanks for submitting your application I will contact you mid February to finalize your application and inform you of the next course steps and the schedule for the program. While you are waiting for the Program to start you can join one of my Free Online Reiki Courses and subscribe to my guided meditation and healing podcast


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