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Relaxing Spa Meditation

Since the weather currently has turned super cold in Austria and all our hot spring spa’s are closed due to covid. So I have decided to spend my Sunday creating a relaxing spa meditation so I can at least visualize being surrounded by healing hot water.

I thought you may like it  as well 🙂 so I therefore have published this latest episode of my guided meditation on my podcast.

BTW, for good measure I also added a wish manifestation to this soothing and healing meditation  🙂

If you are in need of some soothing relaxation in a hot spa have a listen to this immersive meditation. I have tried to use many different sound effects so as a result I believe this meditation gives a real spa feeling. 

There is no need to have any meditation experience as this relaxing spa meditation is fully guided.

If you enjoy this relaxing spa meditation and find it something. Please let me know afterwards in the comments what you think it. 

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I hope you enjoy this relaxing spa meditation. 

Guided Meditation Circle

Of course you are also very welcome to join my montly guided meditation circle. These guided meditation circles take please live on zoom on Sundays once a month. The circle is free to join and consists of a lovely group of people from all over the world. Each week we choose a different theme to meditate upon. You need to bring no previous meditation experience as all sessions are fully guided. I would love to have you join, you can register for free here…

Sending you lots of love, light and blessings 💫

Namaste Sunny 

relaxing spa meditation
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I love Sunny's meditation as she has such a soothing and calming voice. I love listening to the relaxing spa meditation while in my bath in the evening to relax body, mind and soul after a hectic workday.

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