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Supercharge your Reiki Practice with Crystals

All of us have a longing for more inner peace, tranquillity, and wellness. We are always looking for new ways to assist us to negotiate our problems and bring us to a more fulfilled existence. While there are several healing modalities that can help on this path to wellness, Reiki as well as Crystal Healing have recently become extremely popular. Many people are enjoying reiki or crystal-healing treatments and more people than ever people are training to become a Reiki Master.

What is not as well known as of yet, is that by integrating the universal life force, Reiki, and the powerful energy of Crystals you can create a powerful energetic synthesis to enhance and amplify your healing practice.

So, what exactly is Crystal Reiki?

Crystal Reiki is a wonderful energy healing modality that employs that amplifies the universal life force by integrating the energy of crystals.

This combined energy is much more powerful than either on its one. It can bring profound balance your and your clients body’s energy centers, also referred to as the chakras. Chakras are the seven energy centers in the body that are in charge of managing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When chakras get blocked, it can cause physical and emotional imbalances, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, depression, and physical discomfort.

Crystal Reiki Healing works by placing a healing gemstone in a certain pattern and on various positions on or around our body as the practitioner channels Reiki energy on to the stone and into the recipients chakras.

How does Crystal Reiki work?


In this wonderful healing practice, crystals are carefully selected by the practitioner for their particular qualities to balance various chakras or alleviate conditions. Amethyst, for example, is frequently used to balance the crown chakra, which is positioned at the top of the head and is linked to spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. While Rose quartz, on the other hand, is related with love and emotional equilibrium and is utilized for the heart chakra.

When these healing stones are placed on or near the body, they aid to unblock any energy that may be blocked or stagnant in the chakras. This promotes healing and balance by allowing Reiki energy to flow more freely throughout the body.


What are the benefits of Crystal Reiki Healing?


As I mentioned earlier Reiki and Crystals amplify each others healing properties, which is enough reason to start using healing gemstones when performing Reiki self-treatments and treating your clients. However, this practice will also help you to focus your treatments to specific concerns. Clients who are not in tune with their energy or the frequencies around them may have a difficult time perceiving energy in a traditional Reiki session. Apart from being beautiful objects, a Crystal holds a powerful energetic vibrations that can be sensed. When you hold it in your hand you can usually feel energy streaming out. Reiki energy tends to be more subtle and your clients may not be able to feel the energy during the healing session. They may feel dissapointed and skeptical if it worked at all.

So If you use crystals in your practice, your clients will be able to tune into the energetic level more easily. This provides them with reassurance that changes are occurring and help them see the immediate benefit of the treatment. Additonally, this methodology gives you more possibilities to vary your practice according to specific needs. Apart from using your intuition to guide you through the hand-positions, you will select the right stones for the treatment as well as the special layout they will be placed in. While performing your treatment, you can also tune into each crystal for more guideance regarding any concerns.

If you’re interested in integrating Crystals into your Reiki practice, my new course is perfect for you.


About the Course

What you will learn in this course

You will learn how to integrate the universal life force energy with the vibration of gemstones to generate a powerful healing experiences for yourself and others. We will look at the history of this healing modality, as well as the structure and various qualities of Gemstones. Moreover, you will also learn how to choose, cleanse, program, and charge your healing stones. Futhermore, you will earn about Symbols, how to create powerful Grids and much more. This course is broken down into 4 modules with a number of video lessons in each as well as various exercises and study guides.

crystal reiki master course

Module 1


1: What is Crystal Reiki
2: How it Works
3: History
4: The Benefits

Module 2


1: Different Types of Crystalline Systems
2: Different Shapes
3: How to Choose Crystals
4: Choosing by Colour
5: Caring for your Gems
6: How to Program your Stones
7: Preparing for your Practice
8: Performing  Self Treatments
9: Treating Clients 

Module 3

Deepening Your Practice

1: The Symbols
2: Powerful  Grids
3:  Grids for various Intentions
4: Physical Issues
5: Emotional Issues
6: Your Hiome Environment
7: Distance Healing

Module 4

Exam & Certification


Teaching Reiki & Attunements

1: Teaching
2: Attunements
3: Templates & Resources for Teaching


What are the advantages of of becoming a Crystal Reiki Master?

There are several advantages to including this wonderful healing modality in your practice. Firstly it will it help you to elevate your Reiki practice and bring greater wellbeing to yourself and your clients. Secondly, it is a growing trend in the energy healing industry and since it is relatively new there are not that many other practitioners who include integrated crystal and Reiki Healing in their offer.

How long does the course last?

The course is on demand and can be completed at your own pace.

Is there a certification available?

Yes, you will receive a Crystal Reiki Master certificate of completion upon completion of the course as well as an attunement to Crystal Reiki.

So, are you ready to learn how to integrate the healing power of Crystals with Reiki? If that’s the case, my new Course is perfect for you and Enrollments are open now.

Please note, this training is suitable for those who already have completed their Reiki certification but who want to learn how to combine crystal healing and Reiki energy. If you have no experience with Reiki yet, you can enroll in my Free Reiki course here.


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