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Become a Reiki Practitioner with the Free Reiki Course Online

Enroll in the Free Reiki course online for Level 1 to learn the traditional japanese USUI Reiki techniques and embark on a career healing and helping others. 


Awakening to the power of Reiki energy will be one of the most powerful experience of your life time. Being able to heal yourself and others through the power of universal love will transform not only you but everyone around you.

So What is Reiki?

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese and means “universal life energy.” Reiki is a complimentary and holistic practice that has gained more and more popularity over the last years. It is a modality of energy healing that involves channeling the life force energy to promote balance and healing,

It is a very gentle, soothing invasive form of therapy that can be used to promote your overall wellbeing. In my free online Reiki course, I will teach you the basics of Reiki, including how you can practice Reiki on yourself and others.

Reiki is a simple and straightforward healing practice. In a Reiki healing session, the practitioner will place their hands in various positions and locations over the recipients body. The practitioner will then channel the life force energy and transfer it to the recipient, promoting healing and balance in the body.

What are the Benefits of practicing Reiki

There are many benefits of Reiki, including promoting sleep and reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing the immune system, and many more. Reiki can also help relieve physical pain, such as headaches, back pain, and arthritis and is often used to treat emotional and psychological issues, such as depression and low moods.

Free Reiki Course Online

In my free Reiki course online, you will learn all you need to gain your Reiki Level 1 certification, , including:

  • The history of Reiki and its origins
  • How Reiki works
  • The various hand positions for healing yourself and others
  • How to perform Reiki on yourself and others

In the advanced modules you will also learn about the various Reiki symbols and how to use them in your healing practice. By the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to choose to attend a online group or personal attunement after which I will issue you with your Reiki Level 1 certification.


Course Contents

Free Reiki Course Online - Level 1

free reiki online course

12 Video Modules

Learn all you need to know about Reiki Level I in our 12 very detailed video modules.

Reiki PDF Guides

All Reiki Modules in this Reiki Course are accompanied by downloadable PDG Guides.

Reiki Worksheets

Dive deep into your Reiki practice with our practical Reiki worksheets including affirmations, meditations, visions boards and worksheets to make your Reiki business a reality.

Business Blueprint

Your journey to your own Reiki practice has just started once you finish your Reiki course for level 1 and receive your Reiki attunement. What's more, in the Business Blueprint elective module you will learn all you need to know to start your own online practice from setting up your website to learning how to acquire your first customers and marketing your services on social media.

Distance Attunement

To become an official Reiki practitioner you will need to receive your attunement, from an official Reiki Master like myself. Rest assured, that you can get an attunement whatever the location you are in. Furthermore, I can administer a distance attunement to you whereever you are, which is just as effective. You can choose to attend a free group attunement or book a personal attunement after which you will receive your certification.


Free Reiki Course online

My Happy Clients!

Preview of the bonuses that come with the free Reiki course online

Everything included to start your Reiki practitioner business

Apart from the online video courses you will get all the slides of the presentation,  a chakra affirmation deck, 31 beautifully crafted  crystal career manifestation cards as well as guided meditations, vision boards and worksheets in this free reiki course. You can choose to attend a live group or personal attunement after which you will receive your certification.

Additionally, you will also receive a Reiki Lineage document if you decide to complete the Reiki Course for Master Level.  Join this once in a life time opportunity to make your energy healing business a reality with a low cost all inclusive Reiki course.
Try out one of my online reiki guided session to see if Reiki is for you.

In Addition to the online video reiki course you will get, all the slides of the presentation, a downloadable chakra affirmation deck, 31 downloadable beautifully crafted  crystal career manifestation cards as well as guided meditations, vision boards and worksheets. 


reiki master course online
free online reiki course
reiki certification slides
printable career affirmations cards

Review the Full Syllabus of the Free Reiki Online Course 


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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to “universal life force energy”. It is an ancient healing technique used to restore balance and promote wellbeing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. By channeling positive energy, Reiki practitioners can reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immunity, and even encourage relaxation during times of difficult emotions or challenging circumstances.

What are the three Reiki levels?

There are typically three levels of Reiki, with each level building on the skills and knowledge you have learned in the previous level. Here is a summary of what is included in each level.

Reiki Level One:

This level is an introduction to Reiki, where you will learn what the universal life force energy is and how it works. You will be introduced to the reiki principles, and learn about your chakras. In this level you will also get an introduction on how to use reiki for self-healing and healing others and what the various hand positions are. I will also cover how to prepare for a reiki session and the attunement. I have also included some bonus modules on how to use reiki on animals, kids, babies and pregnant women

Reiki Level Two:

In this level you will deepen your Reiki knowledge, learn the rituals and practices of Reiki practitioners. You will learn 3 of the 4 reiki symbols to enhance the healing process. You will also be introduced to distance healing.

Reiki Level Three:

This level is the advanced level of Reiki and focuses on master and teacher training.  In this level you will learn about the Master Symbol, how to perform attunements and teach Reiki to others.

What is the attunement process?

The attunement process is an initiation ceremony to Reiki. The attunement opens up the student’s energy channels, after which they are able to channel the life force energy. Attunements can take place in person or over distance. While there is some debate whether distance attunements are effective amonf the more traditional Reiki community, there is historical evidence that one of the great Reiki Masters, Madam Takata herself, performed distance attunements. Especially during the pandemic more and more Reiki masters have started with distance attunements. I perform my attunements over Zoom in person over distance both in a personal and in a group setting.

How does the free Reiki course online work?

The free Reiki course online is hosted on an online learning platform that provides you with access to all the videos, materials and lessons you need to start learning.

As this is an on demand course you can learn Reiki at your own pace and to your own schedule. I am always available over email, IG and via the support functionality on the platform.

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