crystal career affirmation cards

Crystal Career Affirmation Cards

Crystal Career Affirmation Cards

Today I have another goody for you. I have crafted 31 beautiful and powerful crystal career affirmation cards. These crystal affirmation cards are based on the healing properties of earth’s wonderful natural crystals.  

Since these cards where a major success on Instagram, I have decided that I will offer you this affirmation card deck for FREE in order to help you find your strengths and manifest your ideal profitable career through powerful affirmations and mantras. This Crystal Career Affirmation card deck is great way for you to uncover and promote the positive qualities that lie deep inside you. Each card represents a healing crystal coupled with its manifestation in career, its properties and an affirmation. Furthermore you can use this deck daily to uncover the strengths that you should affirm for that day. For instance you can draw a card every morning to set your intention for the day, by repeating the affirmation and strengths outlines in the cards.

Using these cards intentionally will help set your mind in a positive direction and prompt you to take the necessary actions that will lead you to achieve your goals. So what is you Crystal card for today? Are you a Magician, Influences, Lightworker or Entrepreneur today? Find out by downloading the deck below.

Download the full deck and instructions on how to use these affirmations below

In order to download the crystal career affirmation cards below simply enter you name and email and I will send them to you. Should you not receive the email with the cards please look in your spam folder as sometimes the hide there. I hope you enjoy the cards and would love for you to leave me a comment below, to see what you have picked and if it resonates with you.

Sending you lots of love, light and blessings

Namaste Sunny 


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