DIY Herbal Stress Tincture

DIY Herbal Stress Tincture

Herbal Stress Relief


When I feel anxious and worried my go to is a soothing home made stress relief tincture made of very basic ingredients. It really helps to calm my nerves and lift my mood. Here is how to make it.


10 gm lemon balm herb
10 gm chamomile flowers
10 gm skullcap herb
150 ml vodka
70 ml water

Grind herbs into a coars powder with a pestle and mortar and put in a glass jar.
Add the vodka and water and mix well. Cover and let sit for 2 weeks shaking daily. After 2 weeks strain the liquid through a tea strainer and pour into a dark glass dropper.

The tincture is now ready to use whenever you feel tense or stressed. Just put 3 drops directly under your tongue or dilute in a little water and drink.

Love Sunny xo 


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