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Browse my selection of Online Reiki Courses, Holistic Wellness Courses and Ebooks, designed to help you elevate your skills, service and product offerings.

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My offerings include guided meditations, energy healing and chakra balancing, shamanic journeys, various intutive guidance services as well as Astrology.


My services and coaching are designed to empower soulpreneurs. Learn how to create your own online reiki courses and set up your business for success.

when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy!

Welcome to Blissful Careers

Online Reiki Courses & Alternative Wellness Resources

I offer a selection of Online Reiki Courses, Spiritual Development Courses, facilitate live Meditation & Healing events. I provide services, resources and coaching for Soulcentred People across the globe, who finally want to increase their holistic wellbeing and live in better alignment with their soul and true purpose.

Reiki Energy Healing & Alternative Wellness

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As a trained Reiki Master, I know how to bring your energy back into balance. I can also teach you to heal yourself and others in my Online Reiki Courses. Click here to enroll.

As a Ayurveda Wellness Trainer I can help you identify your Dosha and point you the right diet, supplements and rituals for you. Learn more…

Our mind likes chattering. 🙂 Let me help you find stillness through guided meditation. Access my meditation library

Through m studies in International Business and Internet & Multimedia Engineering and 20 years in the field of digital media, I bring a wealth of experience that will support you making your business a success. Book an initial call with me to discuss your needs

Treat yourself with a relaxing energy healing session. Browse my offering here

I offer a variety of services to help provide guidance in any area of your life. See my services

Feel Immediate relief with a calming Energy Healing Session

My heart-centred Reiki practice  will not only bring you into balance, it will also soothe and comfort you. Reiki therapy is just as effective and relaxing online via video conference, as reiki energy is channeled from a higher dimension than the physical world we are familiar with.

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Get Your Ayurvedic Super Food Recipe Ebook now.

In times like these it is super important to look after your body and give it the nutrition and super foods that it needs.
Download the Introduction to Ayurveda ebook, identify your Dosha and try out some of my favourite Ayurvedic Recipes to keep your Agni strong, boost your immune system and fight off any nasty viruses.

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Health & Nutrition

Through my Ayurvedic studies and my passionate love to good food, I have been compelled to create a book of beautiful vegetarian recipes that will not only please your palate but also appease your body and soul. More importantly I have collated 100s of alternative wellness recipes over the years, which I want to share with you here.

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Wellness & Rituals

Since I was small child I felt very attuned to the energy around me and constantly chased moments of bliss. Whether this was a ASMR style sensation by watching my friends drawing or my mum stroking my hair. I only rediscovered my need for energy healing, wellness and rituals after I became a mother myself.

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Spiritual Growth

A very difficult personal situation in my early 30s has brought me close to breaking point. I was lucky to find a wonderful teacher who taught me about the importance of mindfulness and spirituality. Having spent years in study and research I love sharing my experiences with likeminded souls.

Create a Blissful Life by learning how to heal yourself and others Holistically with my Online Reiki Courses!

Have you always had a feeling that there was more to your life than your current reality? Did you feel a strong pull over the years to become more authentic to your true nature? Are you secretly hoping that one day you could live your dreams to their full potential but didn’t know how? Would you believe that it isn’t a surprise that you found my website, but that NOW is the time to finally create the  life you always dreamed of? 

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Free Online Reiki Courses

For a limited time I offer a FREE Usui Reiki Level 1 practitioner course that will teach you all the tools  you need, to create a business around the beautiful and healing practice of Reiki energy healing.  The online reiki courses are accompanied with downloadable guides,  12 training video modules and lot of practical examples, workbooks and rituals that you can  apply immediately. Enroll in our free Level 1 Reiki online course today and starting tuning into the universal energy that flows through all of us. 

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My Happy Clients!

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Have you every considered creating your own Online Reiki Courses?

I currently working on a new group coaching program that will not only show you all the steps you need to take to create your own online reiki courses but also will share with you my syllabus, templates and scripts. Online Reiki Courses are a great addition to your offering that will help you grow your business and build a loyal group of students. If you would like to preregister for the program please full out the below application form.