Energy Medicine

Live & Distance Energy Treatments

Align your body, Soul and Mind for optimal holistic Wellbeing, Success & creativity

Distance Treatments

Deep Chakra Alignment

Healing on 7 days at a pre-arranged time, 1 day for each Chakra
$ 88
  • Online Via Zoom
  • Healing at prearranged times
  • Includes Finding & Audio session for each Chakra to keep
distance reiki healing

Reiki Express Treatment

I will perform an Express Distance Reiki Treatment on you within 24 hours
$ 15
  • Express Treatment for Immediate Relief
  • Performed within 24 hours
  • Includes Findings

Energy Treatments via Zoom

reiki level 1 free certification

Guided Chakra Alignment

20 min Chakras Balancing using Guided Meditation & distance Reiki techniques
$ 89
  • Online Via Zoom
  • Includes findings and Audio session to keep
  • Tingles Guaranteed
soul circle

Abundant Flow

20 min Guided Energy treatment focused on removing any Abundance Blocks
$ 89
  • Online via Zoom
  • Includes findings and Audio session to keep
  • Relaxation Guaranteed

please note these Energy Sessions do not replace medical Care. please consult your medical practitioner if you have symptoms or if you feel unwell.

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