reiki course level 1

Reiki Course Level 1

Reiki Course level 1 - How to heal others with Reiki

Reiki Course Level 1 – Free Certification Course

Have you ever thought of learning Reiki to heal yourself and others with the universal life force energy? Are you intimidated to learn a new healing modality? Well then you will be pleased to hear that Reiki Energy Healing is actually simple to learn. All you need is access to a good reiki level 1 course,  faith in the process and time to practice.  You will also be happy to hear that I am currently offering the Reiki Course Level 1 for free. Included in the Free Reiki Course Level 1 is also the actual certification and the attunement (initiation) to Reiki Level 1. You can register here for your free seat in the Reiki Course level 1.

Reiki Course Level 1 – Can I practice Reiki after getting my certification?

As an attuned Reiki Level 1 practitioner, the Reiki energy will flow naturally through you without the need of you directing it. The Reiki energy always knows where it is needed the most and will flow without effort from you. You as the Reiki practitioner are simply the facilitator.

There are no defined guidelines for studying Reiki. In most states and country it is not a regulated practice so there is no need for an expensive license. How you begin your practice is entirely up to you, the only prerequisite is to get training and an attunement from a Reiki Master.

During or after the Reiki Attunement, you may have sensations of energy moving through you, tingling, you may feel heat or cold, or see light colors. You may also just encounter feelings of overall positivity and calmness. Some people experience vivid dreams in the days after the attunement. The experience is unique to everyone though, and no experience is right or wrong. It is also absolutely normal to experience nothing out of the ordinary and just feel relaxed after an attunement. The experience itself, does not indicate that the attunement has worked. We all feel Reiki energy in our own unique manner, and it may take some work to become aware of it.

Reiki Energy knowns where its needed the most

Unlike many other spiritual healing modalities, Reiki sessions do not require you to exert any effort to send or direct the energy. This guarantees that the Reiki flow is guided by its own innate and universal intellegence. After becoming attuned to Reiki, healing energy will begin to flow spontaneously as soon as you lay your hands on anybody or anything with the intent to heal. It will flow fully naturally and always in a pleasant and constructive manner.

You dont need to concentrate on sending or directing Reiki energy. If you try to force it you will decrease the ideal energy flow.  Just allow it to function on its own will and you will get the best results. Try to always be calm and detached from the process, allowing your intention to keep the flow going. It is critical you realize that there is nothing you can do wrong with Reiki. Everything will be taken care of by the the Reiki energy itself. All you need is to have faith in the power of the universal life force energy.

Setting your Intention

Before starting with a Reiki treatment, I recommend you set your intention for the upcoming healing session. This will show your respect to the Reiki energy,  the person getting the Reiki treatment, and for yourself as a practitioner.

Simpls, place your hands in the “Gassho ” or prayer position at the center of your heart and ask Reiki to flow into and through you to bring wellness to the other person. You can also ask Reiki for more specific objectives that you want to achieve during the session.

Another method is to raise your hands above your head, palms up, and envision Reiki pouring down from the universe into your palms, into you, and through you.

Intuition and Surrender

There is absolutely no complicated ceremony needed for Reiki to work, but you can create your own if that works best for you. Reiki is all about healing with intuition and surrendering to the universal life force. Surrendering in this case simply means allowing Reiki to flow in and through you, guiding you and the recipient of the Reiki treatment to the highest healing. 

Maintain your alertness and awareness while you submit to the flow of Reiki Healing Energy. You begin the Reiki path by trusting and being willing to allow Reiki to flow in and through you and lead you.

The Reiki Self-Care Treatment:

Giving yourself healing is very important as a Reiki Level 1 course student and practitioner. I  highly advise you to practice Reiki self-healing on a regular basis, Ideally daily at first. Regular Reiki self-healing will balance your mind, body, and soul allowing for a drastically improved flow of Reiki energy during healing sessions while practicing on others, It goes without saying that Reiki Self Healing will also improve your own health and wellbeing. Moreover, it will strengthen your connection to Reiki and inner guidance.

Ensure you give your Reiki self-healing treatments the same respect that you would give to someone else. Start by bringing your hands to the center of your heart in the “Gassho” or prayer position. Request that Reiki flows into and through you. You can also request the presence of your Reiki guides should you wish to.

Reiki self-treatment Hand positions:

  1. Overlapping hands on the top of the head
  2. One hand on the forehead, the other on the back of the head halfway between the crown of the head and the base of the skull
  3. Placing your palms over your eyes
  4. Placing  your hands over your ears
  5. Place one hand on the upper chest and the other on the solar plexus (the point just below where the ribs meet). 
  6. Place your hands on your hips.

Make sure to relax for around  3–5 minutes in each position. Practice these hand positions until you are comfortable with them. Allow your hands to be directed by your intuition into other positions. With effort and patience, you will gain experience and learn to trust your inner guidance. It is impossible to make a mistake. The Reiki energy will also ensure that it flows where it is needed.

Treating others with Reiki

After you completed your Reiki course level 1, have been attuned and practiced self-healing you can start working with others. Be confident in what you have learnt, and trust that Reiki will oversee the healing session and ensure its success. It is always good practice to start with family members and friends before charging clients. This will help you gain more confidence and enable you to gather feedback that you can incorporate into future sessions. Even if they have no physical problems to treat, the reiki flow will calm them and help align their chakras. However, never guarantee particular outcomes from your Reiki sessions because the healing process is always unique and immediate benefits to particular problems can not always be felt. 

During the Reiki healing session, you and the recipient may experience feelings such as heat, cold, tingling or your client may see colors. Know though that your client might not notice the feelings right away. They might notice them later in the day or even later in the week. Other times, no experience will occur. However don’t be discouraged, if your session did not have an immediate impact. Continue to trust in the Reiki energy and your practice.

Know that whether or not your client felt any obvious sensations, be confident that the energy has flowed appropriately and effectively. Reiki’s wisdom ensures that the session is always a highly helpful and divine gift for the recipient.

Free Reiki Course Level 1 

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