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How to use Reiki Energy to Cleanse Your Space

Did you know you can use Reiki Energy to cleanse your space of negative energy? Negative energy can accumulate in your home over time.

These lower vibrational energies might linger after guests have left. Additionally, they can be brought in from outside influences and remain in your home.

So, here are some tips to dissipate the negativty and to reintroduce love, light and blessings into your home.

How to use Reiki Energy to Cleanse Your Space

Step 1: Stand or sit in the lotus posture. You can also put yourself in a position that is more comfortable for you. Place yourself,  in the center of the room that you want to cleanse. Breathe in slowley, exhale, and relax.

Step 2:  Set your intention by repeating the following out loud.  “I will now clean this space of all negativity and lower frequencies and I invite peace, joy, and love  to fill its place”

Step 3:  Start the Reiki flow. Envision it sweeping the whole room floor, walls, and ceiling, cleansing away any negativity and lower frequency. Vizualize the reiki energy covering the room with white light. Allow more energy to flow into all the nooks and crannies of the room.
Continue for a few minutes, or until your intuition tells you to proceed.

Use a Reiki Ball for thorough cleansing

Step 4: Now create a Reiki ball. Begin by holding your hands one foot apart and progressively bringing them closer together. You should feel a slight resistance between your hands, as the energy is accumulated and bundled into a ball between them. Then, place the ball into a corner of your room. Repeat the process for each corner of the room. Additionally, vizualize the energy of the Reiki balls flowing into the room whereever it is needed.

Step 5: For added protection, draw the Cho Ku Rei, the Power Symbol, on the door and each window of the room.

Step 6: Return to the center of the room and listen closely to your intuition. You will feel whether some areas of the room need more attention or if you should  use any of the other symbols to expand and super power the energy.

Step 7: Finally, state the following affirmation: “This space is now cleared of any negative energy and filled with love, light and blessings and higher vibrational energies.” Lastly, complete the session by grounding yourself.

You can customize this ritual with your own practice as your intuition tells you.

Additionally, you can burn sage, incense or essential oils to increase the Reiki power in this ritual if you have some.

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