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Reiki Online Courses

Reiki online courses have been on the increase during the last few years. There is good reason for this. Especially during the pandemic people from all walks of life have looked at alternative modalities for healing. The lockdown didn’t allow for in-person training. Therefore more and more Reiki Masters have packaged their knowledge into reiki online courses. 

At the start of the pandemic, I also reflected if I want to teach students via reiki online courses. In the end it was an easy decision, that I have not regretted since.

It is a blessing that so many peiple have become aware of the potential of reiki energy healing.

I didnt want to allow lockdown restrictions to prevent students from healing during a time when the needed it the most.

Even, Dr. Mikao Usui  received his first energy attunement while alone on mount Kurama. It is evident that time and space have no effect on reiki treatments or reiki attunements. 

Dr. Usuia taught this in the Reiki Level 2 training. There is even a dedicated symbol for distance healing called the “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”.

Anyone who has experienced a good distance healing session will agree with me. They will tell you that it is just as effective as healing in person.

Powerful Reiki online attunements

I’ve also held many remote attunements on zoom and the feedback was always extremely positive. My students tell me they feel the energy even long after the attunement has finished. Personally, I feel online attunements can be even more potent than  in person. One reason may be that the recipoent can relax more fully in their home surroundings.

I have packaged my reiki online courses into bite-sized modules. I offer attunements via zoom, which can be considered in person even if we are not in the same room. This allows you to always return to the materials and continue with your practice even after the attunement.

Are you interested in attending reiki online courses to learn about energy healing to help yourself and others?

You can now try my free reiki online level 1 course to see if this way of training resonates with you. You can sign up for free here.

If you are interested in distance healing you can try one of my reiki spa treatments or listen to my meditation and healing podcast

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