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Why Learn Reiki

Many of you question yourself: why learn Reiki? While in fact many of my Reiki clients have gone on to study Reiki for themselves, there are some of you who are content to continue receiving Reiki therapy without learning more.

I asked my clients why they do not want to take advantage of my free reiki course.  The answer was almost always as follows. “I do not want to become a Reiki practitioner”. For some reason there is an inherent belief that learning Reiki obligates you to become a Reiki practitioner. However this could not be further from the truth.

If you are interested in spiritual growth, Learn Reiki

Learning how to channel Reiki for yourself opens the door to spiritual growth and wellbeing. Reiki is just so much more than a healing technique that you use on others. It is a lifestyle you embody.  Once you understand how to channel it you will accept it as a part of your daily life.

Reiki training teaches you about mindfulness and meditation. It teaches you how to live your life without being angry or worried. Reiki teaches you how to live your life with appreciation for the little things. It encourages self-discipline and self-improvement. Reiki reminds you to  be kind and compassionate to yourself and others every day.

Learning Reiki is a safe, compassionate, and effective approach of self-empowerment and spiritual growth. 

Energy healing is much more than just a physical effect. Healing is mental, emotional, and spiritual in nature. You will peel away the layers of your life. You will uncover your inner brilliant light, which in turn will promote your own healing.

That being said, learning Reiki, even if you have no interest in healing others or making a business of it, is absolutely worthwhile.

You want to learn more about Reiki? I currently offer a free course.  Sign up for free to my reiki level 1 training here.

If you are here for a relaxing and soothing healing session you can check out my services here.

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