Reiki Symbols be kept hidden

Should the Sacred Reiki Symbols be kept hidden from others?

Are you keeping the Reiki Symbols hidden from others?  In todays post, I would like to talk about the Reiki symbols.  I am being asked so often if you can post the symbols on instagram or feature them on your blog. So I thought a deeper analysis may be interesting for you.  With this, lets look whether they should be kept hidden from others or considered sacrosanct. 

Many Reiki teachers now teach that the Reiki symbols should be kept hidden from non attuned individuals. This is often an emotional topic of discussion for some.

Therefore before I go any further, I’d like to ask that you not approach this emotionally. Instead think about this subject in a calm, rational manner. Try to reflect on the topic to completely appreaciate my point of view.

So, first and foremost, should the Reiki symbols be kept veiled from non attuned individuals?

Throughout history, symbols have been hidden for a number of reasons. Some people were motivated to keep knowledge and abilities available to only a select set of people and organizations. Others sought to keep lessons to themselves in order to keep them sacred and rare.

However, humanity is now far more spiritually enlightened than it was a century ago. Spiritual development in itself is a pursuit of truth. It requires expanding awareness and consciousness so that all is known. We aim to live in a state of natural transparency. In which all information is freely and openly shared from being to being. This is the most important reaons why I decided to offer a free reiki certification course.

This also applies to spiritual endeavors. We may now be able to learn things that were previously only available to a select group of people on the upper echeleons of society. Transparency is positively changing the world. Reiki symbols may now be found in books, on the internet and on Instagram. You can find them in the windows of a reiki practice, on bumper stickers, on fashion products, artwork, jewelry, decor items, and crystals, and the list goes on.

Because Reiki symbols are so widely available and spread over the world like beautiful strings of guiding light. Millions of people come into touch with them and question what they see, leading many people to be guided into the practice of Reiki and on a path to enlightenment.

Let’s spread the Love, the light, the blessings and Reiki Symbols

The fact that Reiki symbols are so widely used in modern culture is a great benefit, and it is exactly what the universe intended. Reiki symbols are not sacred; they are only temporary training tools. We utilize the Reiki symbols at some point during our Reiki training and channel energy straight from the universal life force with our emotions and intentions. And you can do it right now, or whenever you feel ready for it.  

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