Is it safe to practice Reiki when pregnant

Is it Safe to practice Reiki when pregnant

Can I practice Reiki when pregnant?

I often get asked if you can practice Reiki when pregnant. In this post I will try to answer your questions specifically around learning, practicing and getting attuned to Reiki when pregnant and what the benefits are.

Firstly, practicing Reiki when pregnant is safe and can provide you with deep relaxation. It’s calming and relaxing effects on you as the mother will assist to create a loving and healthy environment for the child to grow in. Reiki can also be used to alleviate discomfort during every stage of pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. Reiki Energy Healing can make the path to motherhood lighter and more uplifting.


Here are some of the benefits of a Reiki practice throughout pregnancy:

  • Deep relaxation, better sleep, reduced anxiety
  • Can help reduce morning sickness
  • Fosters love and acceptance for your evolving body
  • Aids in the relief of low back pain, the regulation of blood pressure, and the improvement of circulation.
  • Soothing impact on the mother and baby
  • Aids in pain control and reduction, making labor and delivery easier and less stressful

Here are the benefits Reiki can bring you after delivery:

  • Can help to accelerate physical and mental recovery after delivery
  • Fosters a strong sense of connectedness between mother and child
  • More strength and confidence for the mother in dealing with the new situation and responsibilities
  • Can help to soothe the baby and improve the baby’s sleep 
  • Can help to relieve colic and the stress from birth

Is it safe to get attuned to Reiki when pregnant?

I also get asked a lot if it is safe to get attuned to Reiki when pregnant. Yes, it is absolutely safe for you to get attuned to Reiki when pregnant. Remember, Reiki is only positive and healing energy. When you become attuned to Reiki, you also become a channel for this healing energy. So, every time you place your hands on your baby bump and set the intention for reiki energy to flow, you are giving Reiki to yourself and your baby. 

By practicing Reiki on yourself and living by the Reiki principles, you can better deal with physical and mental challenges and day-to-day obstacles of pregnancy and being a new mother.

Will my baby also be attuned to Reiki?

No, your baby will not be attuned to Reiki when you get attuned. A Reiki attunement can only be given with the permission of the recipient. Your baby is not able to give their permission. Also, attunements can only be administered once the student has learnt and practiced the Reiki syllabus. The Reiki Master performing the attunement will set the intention to attune you as the mother to Reiki during the session. Not the child. That being said, a Reiki attunement also brings healing energy to your energy body. In that regard, an attunement is certainly beneficial for your baby. 

Reiki is a complimentary practice

It is very important to note that Reiki can never replace medical attention or treatments. This goes for whether pregnant or not. Always see your health care practitioner when pregnant to check on you and your child’s progress during your pregnancy. Reiki is always only a complementary practice. But if you use Reiki in your everyday life, everyone in your family will benefit from the relaxation and wellness it brings.

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