spiritual awakening stages

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Signs

Since you are here you are likely already experencing signs that you are in a time of self-development and growth. In this post I will talk about the 6 main spiritual awakening stages. I will give you advise for  self-discovery and growth to help you as you learn to connect with your inner wisdom. Yes, it is now time to become more aware of your true potential and purpose.

So, let’s first go through the six phases of spiritual awakening to help you understand where you are on your path and what you can expect as you progress.


The initial stage of spiritual awakening is when you first notice a yearning to examine your spiritual nature. There’s a chance you’re feeling a desire for something bigger to happen in your life. You are currently in a moment of awakening in your life, during which you will begin to analyze your ideas and values and look for meaning in your life.


As you continue along your journey, you may begin to feel disillusioned with the way you are presently living your life. It’s likely that your current relationships, work, or lifestyle are making you unhappy, and as a result, you’re wondering whether there’s more to life than what you’re now experiencing.


When you reach this stage, you get more serious about solving your issues and learning more about yourself and your role in the world. You may start attending seminars, reading books, and interacting with others who are on a similar road to you.


During this stage, you will have “a-ha” moments of clarity and insight that will offer you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. These epiphanies usually result in a shift in perspective and have the power to totally transform your life for good. It’s likely that you’ll begin to see things differently and have a better understanding of where you are in the great scheme of things.


Following these breakthroughs, you will begin to integrate the new insights and things you have learned into your daily life. You will begin to make changes to your habits, relationships, and lifestyle in order to align with your true purpose.  You will be putting what you’ve learned into practice during this stage, so be sure you have everything you need.


At long last, you begin to live your life in a way that is consistent with your true spiritual identity. You will experience increased tranquility and satisfaction in your life, as well as a sense of oneness with the cosmos. When your thoughts, words, and actions are in sync with who you truly are, you are in a state of true harmony.

Remember that awakening your spiritual self is a journey, not a destination. It may ve that you will not go through all of these stages, or that you advance only to move back again for soe time. So, just have trust in your journey and be gentle with yourself as you grow and evolve.


If you’re looking for additional guidance and support on your journey, you might want to consider utilizing an oracle card deck. The Awakening card includes information that is particularly relevant to you at this time. This card signifies a period of significant personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. It is a critical turning point in your self-discovery journey, a moment when you are pushed to connect with your inner wisdom and become aware of your own potential and purpose. The Awakening card is a call to action, encouraging you to step into your power and align with the spiritual path you’ve chosen for yourself.



So, are you ready to recognize the spiritual potential that exists inside you? If this is the case, you should take a deep breath and trust in the process. You are on a path that will lead to a more profound connection with your genuine self and a more fulfilling existence. 

A good starting point is to listen to my free meditation podcast, which will has many guided meditation that will help you connect with your inner self. 

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