distance reiki attunements

Distance Reiki Attunements

Distance Reiki Attunements! New Evidence

New Evidence to support the effectiveness of Distance Reiki Attunements

You are probably here to get some more insight on the effectiveness of Reiki distance attunements.  Unfortunately, there is still some controversy around Distance Reiki attunements. Most modern Reiki Masters think this is a really effective way to attune their students who are not in the same geographical area. However more traditional Reiki masters believe that this is not in line with the original Reiki principles. Moreover, some of the Reiki associations continue to have issues recognizing practitioners that have been attuned over a distance. What do you believe? Read on as the evidence may surprise you.

Yes, there is now new evidence that proves that distant attunements were even performed by the most recognized Reiki Masters, such as Madam Takata itself.

Evidence of Distance Attunements

Robert Fueston, a well known and respected Reiki Historian,  has recently uncovered evidence of Madam Takata herself performing distance attunements. He researched the archives of well known Reiki student Doris Duke and found that she was attuned by no other than Madam Takata over the telephone. Hawayo Takata was one of the first Reiki masters to bring this wonderful energy healing practice to the West.

Madam attuned Doris Duke over Distance

It is well well-known in the Reiki community that Madam Takata also had several celebrities amongst her clients. One of these stars was Doris Duke a very wealthy American heiress and philanthropist. The heiress had a passionate interest in spirituality and energy healing. After Ms Duke broke her wrist in 1957 she received Reiki treatments from Madam Takata to help the healing process. She thereafter had more reiki sessions, to help arthritis in her knees amongst other ailments.

In time Madam Takata became a good friend to Doris Duke. Eventually Doris Duke went on to study Reiki from Takata. Evidence now proves she was also attuned by Madam Takata for both the first and second level. So what has been discovered by Robert Fueston and what surprised many Reiki practitioners? Yes you are reading correctly.  Doris Duke has been taught the Second Degree over the telephone. And more surprisingly for you, she was also attuned by telephone.

One letters written by Hawayo Takata to Doris Duke, states that sometimes taught reiki over the the telephone and also attuned remotely. Or as Takata put it attuned by “by short wave” or “remote control.” In another letter dated December 19, 1978, Mrs. Takata wrote that now she had taught Ms. Duke  the reiki symbols, she needed to be attuned for the symbols to be effective. She then went on to offer to remotely attune Doris Duke by telephone. Another letter was found, where Takata sent a drawing of all 3 Reiki symbols to Ms. Duke, detailing the sequence for each of the strokes.

Proof that Distance Reiki Attunements are effective

In my opinion, this recent discovery from Fueston’s research, is a clear challenge  to view that distance reiki attunements are not effective.  The fact that distant attunements were performed by no other than, Mrs. Takata, is proof for me that Distance attunements are just as powerful.

In fact I don’t know where or who ever started to say that Distance Reiki attunements are not effective. Do you know where this belief originated from?Especially since the effectiveness of distance healing is widely accepted. Sometimes I believe some effort is made by Reiki Masters to make Reiki inaccessible for others. The reason is likely that they want to maintain some exclusivity over the practice.

Especially during the pandemic, when reiki healing was needed most, face to face attunements were just not possible. Also some people live in remote areas and do not have access to a Reiki Master for a reasonable cost. Our civilisation is moving more and more to remote communication. I think it is time for the reiki associations to rethink their approach on distance attunements, especially with the evidence that Mr. Fueston has presented. Reiki online courses and remote attunements offer a convenient and accessible way for everone to learn and be attuned to Reiki.

In the end, the decision to the decision whether to learn and be attuned to reiki in person or remotely is up to you. You should not be bound by an outdated belief, which has been proven wrong by actual historical evidence.

What is your opinion on this? I would love to hear from you on this topic. 

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