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Tarot Affirmations for March

Tarot Affirmations for March 2023

As we welcome March, I want to introduce 22 tarot affirmations based on the major Aracana. March, is the month of new beginnings and fresh starts! Yes, spring is around the corner. As you move into this month, it’s the perfect time cor you to focus on setting powerful intentions and creating positive change in your lives. I hope these affirmations help you on your personal journey towards growth and self-discovery. Above all, I hope you have a wonderful month.

Each of the tarot affirmations is based on a different Tarot card from the Major Arcana and represents a unique energy and theme. What is your theme going to be? Will you embark on an adventure and take risks like The Fool, or are you looking to find balance and harmony like Temperance. One of these tarot affirmations is waiting for your.

To pick your personal Tarot affirmation for the month of March, simply take a screenshot of my Instagram real and see which card shows up for you. 

Start by taking a deep breath, open your hear widet, and let the one of these Tarot affirtmatins be your guide this month. I hope the card you pick will bring you clarity, inspiration, and the courage to make your dreams a reality.


All 22 Tarot Affirmations:

To summarize I have listed all the tarot affirmations for March below.

The Fool:

I am ready to embrace the unknown and take risks with open arms. Life is an adventure, and I am here for it!

The Magician:

With my magic touch, I am a total boss when it comes to making things happen. I fearlessly create my reality.

The High Priestess:

Trusting my intuition and inner wisdom, I follow the path that is meant for me. I am attuned to the mysteries of the universe.

The Empress:

I create a world of beauty, abundance, and love. Nurturing those around me comes naturally, and my heart overflows with compassion.

The Emperor:

Confident and in control of my life, I am inspiring others with authority and power. I am unstoppable in pursuing my goals.

The Hierophant:

As a student of life, I am open to learning from those who came before me. Seeking guidance and wisdom, I am guided towards my highest good.

The Lovers:

This month, I embrace love and connection wholeheartedly, unafraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. My love radiates outwards and touches all those around me.

The Chariot:

With determination and perseverance, I focus on my goals and charge forward. Success is within my grasp, and I am unstoppable.


I fearlessly face my fears head-on, using my inner strength and courage to overcome obstacles. I am a total badass!

The Hermit:

Taking time for self-reflection and inner peace, I find clarity in solitude. Deep thinking brings me closer to my inner truth.

The Wheel of Fortune:

I trust that everything happens for a reason, and I embrace the ups and downs of life. Going with the flow, I am open to new opportunities and experiences.


This month I take a stand for what is right and fair, I am an advocate for justice. Balance and equality are my guiding principles.

The Hanged Man:

Surrendering to the present moment, I let go of control and find peace in the chaos that surrounds us all. Allowing the universe to guide me, I am open to new perspectives.


Embracing change and transformation, I let go of what no longer serves me. Endings are beginnings, and I am excited for new opportunities.


I strive for balance and harmony in my life, taking care of my mind, body, and soul. My inner peace radiates outwards.

The Devil:

Breaking free from negative beliefs and limitations, I reclaim my power and take control of my life. Nothing can hold me back.

The Tower:

Shaking things up and letting go of what no longer serves me, I embrace growth and change. Discomfort is only temporary, but my transformation is eternal.

The Star:

Radiating positivity and hope, I dream big and inspire others to do the same. I am a beacon of light in the darkness.

The Moon:

Trusting my intuition and tapping into the unseen realm, I embrace mystery and magic. My inner world is just as important as my outer world.

The Sun:

Embracing joy, happiness, and abundance, I shine bright like the sun and spread positivity wherever I go. Life is beautiful, and I am grateful for it.


Owning my truth and living life to the fullest, I rise up and take action to make my dreams a reality. I am unstoppable in pursuing my passions.

The World:

Feeling proud and accomplished, I celebrate all the amazing things I have achieved. I am an integral part of this awesome universe.

I hope you enjoyed these tarot affirmations for march.  For more content on tarot, astrology and energy healing follow me on instagram @blissfulcareers Finally, I wanted to let you know about my upcoming tarot course. Drop me a line if you are interested in learning how to read the tarot for others.


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