weekly horoscope february 26

Weekly Horoscope February 26

Weekly Horoscopes February 26 to March 4

Happy Sunday my lovelies! Do you want to find out what this week has in store for your? Check out  your weekly horoscope February 26 to March 4 2023.


You may want to put your phone on silent at the start of the week, but a positive shift on the Thursday brings the opportunity for relaxation and self care. Make to most of it.


You may feel stressed about money issues at the start of the week, but by mid week, these will ease shifting your focus to work with a very productive by end of the week.


Jupiter brings you positive career news. You have worked hard to get here and will now see the fruits of your hard labor. It is also a great time to learn something new.


The limitations in your personal life come to an end this week. A heart to heart with a loved one on Wednesday could lead to healing and bring a new sense of belonging.


Step out of your comfort zone this week and take advantage of the romantic energy of Venus and Jupiter by planning a getaway or a spontaneous adventure with your love.


It is a great time to improve your financial situation as Venus and Jupiter join forces, bringing potential for a significant breakthrough in your investments.


This week is a great time for partnerships for you bringing good luck and harmony to significant relationships and the possibility of a big romantic commitment.


Seek out new ways to improve your well-being. Whether it’s a new exercise routine, or a new diet, the stars are aligned to help you make positive changes for your health.


This week can bring exciting news related to matters of the heart such as love, creativity, children, and hobbies. A fairy tale romance may well be on the cards.


Get ready for exciting developments related to your home and family life. As Venus and Jupiter join forces expect good luck and progress with real estate, moving, or renovating.



Expect an increase in mental agility and communication skills. Take advantage of your brilliant ideas and conversations and turn them into something creative and constructive.


This week you may experience a sudden increase in income as Venus and Jupiter join forces in your second house, bringing opportunities for new jobs, clients, or a raise.

I hope you enjoyed your weekly horoscope february 26 to March 4.

Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

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Namaste Sunny


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