full beaver moon lunar eclipse

Full Beaver Moon Lunar eclipse

Full moons are always intense and times of release. However, the upcoming full beaver moon lunar eclipse on November 19 is especially powerful. This eclipse will not only heighten all our emotions but will bring some things to their natural breaking point. This is because a full moon lunar eclipse is occurring in the the sensual sign of Taurus. In fact it is the  longest lunar eclipse in this century. So in order to prepare you for this event, here are 6 tips and practices for the upcoming full beaver moon lunar eclipse.

1 Make time for quiet reflection and journaling: 

Full moons are usually great times to take action towards your goals. However, the upcoming eclipse will bring along some unexpected twists and turns that may bring with it a fair amount of anxiety and shock. Therefore I advise you to pause for a bit. Take some time to get in touch with your inner guide to reflect, recharge and subsequently correct your course as needed.


2 Let go & release the need to control your environment: 

Secondly, rather than trying to take control over circumstances you have no power over, surrender and let go of that which does not serve you anymore.


3 Embrace the changes coming your way: 

Eclipses bring important transformations to your life. Try to be open to the change rather than resist it. More importantly, brace yourself for unexpected news  that could change your perspective.


4 Don’t manifest or set intentions, don’t charge your Crystals:


While a full moon is usually a great time for rituals and manifestation, the unstable confusing energy that comes with a lunar eclipse can muddy the waters. In order to avoid attracting in these chaotic vibes or allow your crystals to absorb them leave these rituals to another day.


5 Make time for self-care and healing rituals:


Practice plenty of self care and healing rituals for the night of the lunar eclipse to counteract the negativity.


6 Spend quality time with friends and family:


Lastly, lunar eclipses are often a really emotional time. The full beaver moon lunar eclipse is much easier to deal with if you surrounded yourself with family and friends who can make you feel safe and secure.


Do you have any more tips? Please let me know in the comments. Follow me on Instagram for more advice on the upcoming Beaver Moon Lunar eclipse in the next few days.

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As always, sending love, light and blessings


Namaste Sunny

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