reiki and christianity

Reiki and Christianity

Finding Balance Between Reiki and Christianity

In our diverse world, many people explore different spiritual paths that resonate with them. Two practices that are sometimes viewed as incompatible are Reiki and Christianity. As you have probably heard, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique, that brings balance and wellness through the universal life force energy.

Are you are Christian and concerned if Reiki is against your religion? In this post I will try to help you understand the core principles of both. I hope, this will help you see the points of compatibility in these practices, so that you can find balance and wellness in integrating them.

So what is Reiki?

Reiki originated in early 20th century Japan. It involves channeling “universal life force energy” through your hands to promote healing and well-being. Reiki practitioners believe this energy restores physical, emotional and spiritual health. This wonderful healing practice centers on intention, mindfulness, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

What are the Core Principles of Christianity?

As a Christian you will know, that Christianity centers on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Its core principles include love, compassion, forgiveness, and having a personal relationship with God. Christian teachings are all about the importance of faith, prayer, and living according to Christ’s example to achieve salvation and spiritual growth.

How to explore Common Ground between Reiki and Christianity

While coming from different backgrounds, Reiki and Christianity do share some core values. It is important to explore them.

I have listed the main core values below:

Intention Setting and Prayer:

Both practices involve focused intention and prayer. Reiki practitioners set healing intentions, while prayer is vital in Christianity.

Compassion and Healing in Reiki and Christianity:

Both value compassion and use their principles to heal and reduce suffering.

Interconnectedness and Universal Love:

Reiki’s interconnectedness of all living things resonates with Christianity’s universal love.

Mindfulness and God’s Presence:

Finally, Reiki’s mindfulness aligns with Christianity’s emphasis on being aware of God’s presence.

Reiki principles

Finally, the Reiki principles, convey most of the same messages that you can find in the ten commandments of the bible.

Potential Areas of Concern between Reiki and Christianity

Some Christians feel uncomfortable with Reiki due to its origins outside of Christianity. I have listed ome of the key areas that may concern  you.

Energy healing:

The idea of “universal life energy”, which is central to Reiki healing,  conflicts with belief in God and Jesus as the sole healers and sources of spiritual energy. ASs a Christian, you may feel Reiki contradicts relying on God’s power alone to heal.

Spiritual forces:

Christianity traditionally teaches against magic, astrology and manipulation of spiritual forces. Reiki’s energy may seem supernatural in a way that goes against Christian teachings. There may be concerns about potential demonic influences. I can assure you though this is not the case.

Symbols and attunement:

Reiki symbols and initiation processes do involve mantras and rituals that may seem at odds with your faith.  The rituals may appear to have Eastern mysticism roots that don’t align with your Christian ritual practices.


Reiki’s concept of oneness with the universe may go against your belief of Christianity’s distinction between Creator and created beings. Christians believe in distinct roles for God and humans.

Masters and lineages:

Reiki’s idea of attaining different master levels and lineages of passed down knowledge may not align with Christianity’s emphasis on Jesus as the sole teacher and healer.

How to Address Your Areas of Concern

While these issues may seem challenging at first glance, there are perspectives that allow integration:

Reiki Energy healing:

You can focus on Reiki energy coming directly from God. See it as a gift to be used compassionately according to God’s plan, rather than replacing your faith in God’s healing.

Spiritual forces:

Rather than “manipulating,” see your  Reiki practice to channel the divine healing energy guided by God’s wisdom. It does not invoke any spirits, as such.

Symbols and attunement:

You can reframe the reikisymbols and attunements as tools to deepen your spiritual connection and access God’s healing love through ritual prayer. The rituals honor rather than contradict Christian practices.


Oneness in Reiki can be interpreted as recognizing that all life comes from the same divine source. It does not mean humans become God.

Masters and lineages:

Rather than focusing on a master or their lineage, place your focus on Jesus as the true teacher. See Jesus and not the reiki master as the source of healing mastery. Reiki masters are just channels of Christs knowledge.

The key is focusing on shared values of healing and compassion. With prayer, openness, reflection and guidance, you as a Christian can incorporate Reiki in alignment with your faith.

Tips for Integrating Reiki and Christianity

If you are looking to integrate Reiki and Christianity, here are some tips for you:

  • Reflect on your core beliefs and values in both practices. Find the compatibility within.
  • Thoroughly educate yourself on both Reiki and Christianity. You consult Reiki Masters, speak to your pastor or drop my a mail on sunny@blissfulcareer or DM me on Instagram
  • Make sure to set clear intentions focused on healing, love and compassion.
  • Always respect others’ boundaries and beliefs. This integration is you own personal journey and you do not have to convince others to follow your beliefs.

So I hope you can see from this post that Reiki and Christianity share a lot of more common ground than you may have thought. By learning from a good reiki master, thoughtful intention-setting, and respect for others, you can find balance in integrating these practices to nurture spiritual growth and healing. The key is focusing on the values of love, compassion and mindfulness within both faiths.

Exploring Reiki’s Potential

I hope this article provides some perspectives on how Reiki and Christianity can align. The most important thing is that you approach both practices with an open heart, mind and soul while always staying true to your core beliefs.

If you are a Christian drawn to Reiki energy healing, I invite you to explore Reiki further through my free online Reiki course. My course offers a risk-free way to learn all about Reiki healing, including its history, potential benefits and how to practice Reiki on yourself and others. You can experience Reiki energy for yourself and see if it resonates with you spiritually.

My course comes from a place of respect for both Reiki and Christian principles. My goal is to create an open, safe space where you can reflect on how Reiki may complement your faith, spiritual growth and wellness. You are free to take away whatever lessons and insights feel right for your personal journey.

Finally, always listen to your heart and intuition. With an openness to new yet aligned spiritual experiences, you can walk your unique paths while honoring your core beliefs. You can enroll in the free course and start exploring Reiki today here. 

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