what is crystal reiki

What is Crystal Reiki

 While crystal healing itself goes all the way back to the dawn of mankind, unlike Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki is actually not a traditional healing technique. There is no set rule book on how to structure your practice combining Reiki and Crystals. Reiki Masters throughout history have used Reiki and crystals to enhance and focus their Reiki practice while relying on their intuition and experiences.

The System I will cover in my course will give you a set of best practices and guidelines, that you can follow, practice, and pass on to others. As with anything Reiki, please feel free to use your own intuition to adapt these methods to what feels right for you.

So what is Crystal Reiki?

Crystal Reiki is a combination of the two powerful healing modalities Crystal healing and Reiki healing to bring balance and alignment to our wellbeing.

By integrating the universal life force energy with the inherent healing properties of the crystals, a powerful synthesis of energies is created, making the healing much more potent.

In a Crystal Reiki healing session, Reiki energy is channeled down through the crown chakra, while earth energy is channeled up through the stones. It is a magical combination. Crystals hold, focus, and enhance the effects of Reiki. And in turn, Reiki magnifies the effect of the healing properties of the crystals. It is the best of both worlds, but supercharged.

How to practice Crystal Reiki?

Practicing may be as easy as holding a crystal and charging it up with Reiki to carry with you or to give to someone in need of healing.

Most Reiki practitioners place selected crystals in a specific layout on different parts their client’s body and then allow the channelled Reiki energy to flow into the crystals and then into the recipient.

You can think of it using Crystals in your Reiki practice as having another pair of healing hands and they will help you to channel deeper and faster healings.

However, you can take this practice so much further by programming crystals for specific purposes, working with Crystal pendulums, or creating and activating powerful Crystal Healing Grids for all sorts of scenarios.

Moreover, when used correctly, this practice has the potential to fulfill your intentions, manifest your desires and connect and align you with the rising consciousness around you.

If you are a Reiki practitioner and want to learn how to incorporate the powerful energy of crystals in your practice, you can join my Crystal Reiki certification course here. If you have no experience with Reiki, I suggest for you to join me free reiki level 1 course.

Namaste Sunny

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