how to learn reiki at home free

how to learn reiki at home free

If you have landed on this page you are likely asking yourself if it is possible to learn Reiki at home for free. But before I dive into that lets first look at what Reiki actually is. Reiki is an ancient practice of using energy healing to balance the body and mind. Through a process known as “laying on hands,” a certified practitioner will channel positive energy and direct it towards areas in need of healing. Reiki is believed to clear blockages within your energetic system and help you become more connected to spiritual realms. The end result is a feeling of relaxation and renewal, and improved physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, if you adopt a regular reiki self healing practice you will will for sure feel more Zen. Moreover, as a Reiki practitioner you will also be able to help others to improve their wellbeing.

Can I learn Reiki at home for Free?

Yes! You can learn and practice reiki healing from the comfort of your home through online courses. In fact, many online courses offer detailed instructions, videos lessons and meditations to help you practice and apply the reiki healing principles. The best part is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home at no monetary cost.

In any case, having a basic understanding of reiki is key to getting the most out of your practice. You can learn about the history, principles and concepts of reiki online for free in my online course. By having an understanding of what you’re doing, it will help you lay a strong foundation for your reiki practice.

What are Reiki attunements?

Reiki Attunements are the ceremonies in Reiki where an ‘attunement energy’ is passed from the teacher to the student. This ceremony allows the student access to a Reiki level, wherein they can begin using and practising Reiki on themselves and others for healing. In order to become an attuned Reiki practitioner, you will undergo a series of energetic alignments, that are designed to open up the 7 major chakras of  your body. This process seals your ability to activate the universal life force energy, and allowing you to work with it as needed. During a Reiki attunement the Reiki master will use the sacred Reiki symbols that strengthen the energy and allow a deeper connection to universal life force energy. A Reiki attunement is always made with the intent of the student using this healing knowledge for the highest good.

Can I be attuned online?

It is possible to receive an attunement for Reiki online. The practice of remote attunement has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some practitioners offer attunements over distance and some offer attunement session live over Zoom. I provide my attunements over Zoom as I believe there is a much better energetic connection this way. However both methods are effective. In my free reiki level 1 course, reiki group attunements are included at no extra cost.

Finding your Reiki Master

Reiki is a powerful holistic healing modality that can be practiced at home with amazing results. However, for those new to it, it’s a good idea to have an experienced reiki master guide you through your first session. Either look for practitioners in your area or join my free reiki course. The course will guide you through the syllabus of the traditional Usui Reiki practice. This way, you get personal guidance at no cost which will help you really unlock the power of reiki. Join me in my free reiki level 1 online course and discover how to learn reiki at home free.


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