Reiki Energy Healing

reiki energy healing

why learn reiki

Why Learn Reiki

Many of you question yourself: why learn Reiki? While in fact many of my Reiki clients have gone on to study Reiki for themselves, there are some of you who are content to continue receiving Reiki therapy without learning more. I asked my clients why they do not want to take advantage of my free …

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reiki online courses

Reiki Online Courses

Reiki online courses have been on the increase during the last few years. There is good reason for this. Especially during the pandemic people from all walks of life have looked at alternative modalities for healing. The lockdown didn’t allow for in-person training. Therefore more and more Reiki Masters have packaged their knowledge into reiki …

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what are chakras

What are Chakras?

You’ve probably heard about chakras and the function they play in the flow of energy in your body, especially if you’ve ever attended a yoga or meditation class, had an energy healing treatment, or just viewed some vibey videos on youtube. You may also have learnt that it is critical to maintain your chakras open, …

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