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In this blog I present to you a Reiki Energy Healing Guide. This guide contains articles, tips, downloads and free resources.  Whether you are new to Reiki or are a seasoned professional, I hope you will find this resource useful.  I continually update this blog to help explain old and new concepts. As you discover new aproaches to Reiki energy healing do try them out in your own practice. I always appreaciate feedback and tips on my blog, so do leave a comment.


Reiki Energy Healing Guides & Tips

reiki energy healing guide

I hope this blog will help you on your Reiki journey. In this space I will feature interesting topics, tips and news around energy healing and reiki practice. As you all know, the Reiki journey does not end with your attunement, it merely starts there. Reiki is a life long learning journey. It is all abou learning and experimenting with new approaches. This will help yo deepen your connection to the universal life force and discover what works bst for you and your clients. I hope you will find this resource useful in your own journey.

Feel Free to leave a comment below to let me know what Reiki Guide topics you are interested in and I will consider the topic for my next post.

If you have not got your Reiki energy healing certification you can join my Free Reiki Course.

You will also find a lovely and helpful reiki community on my Facebook Group, where you will find lots of free reiki resources at your fingertips.

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